"Colonel" David Tiffe, Auctioneer and Owner of Seville Auctions LLC

Fun Fact #1

During the Civil War, goods seized by armies were sold by the colonel, hence the auctioneer's unofficial title of "colonel".

Fun Fact #2

In England, during the 18th century, high-end items were auctioned by candle. People placed bids on the table until the candle burnt out.

Fun Fact #3

English auctions: this format is the format we follow today.

Fun Fact #4

Dutch auctions: the bids start high; prices are lowered until one person says "buy."

Fun Fact #5

Japanese auctions: when the bidding starts, no new bids can join.

Fun Fact #6

Silent auctions: bidders write their bid on paper and put it in a bowl in front of them.